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Lee Health Domain partnership for the Planet on World Earth Day 2022.

On World Earth Day 2022, Lee Health Domain held a composting workshop for its employees.

Now is the time for unwavering bravery in order to preserve and protect our health, families, and livelihoods... we must all work together to Invest in Our Planet.

Because a prosperous future is one that is green.

On the eve of World Earth Day, Lee Health Domain Pvt(I) Ltd held a composting session for its staff on April 22, 2022. Ms Leela Rani Alla, the company's director, trained her employees how to separate kitchen garbage and compost it at home for use in the garden. Lee Health Domain has been pushing the green kitchen idea in the region in order to prevent garbage filling in the neighborhoods.

Leela Rani Alla is also the LO Vice President of JCI IMPACT 2030 at a Junior Chamber International Local Organization.

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