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Research & Development

We are improving the quality of life for millions around the world with high-quality FDFs supported by world-class research capabilities.


Lee Pharma Limited is a research driven company focused mainly on innovation and development of niche molecules.

Our API, Semi-finished and Finished dosage forms are the heart of our Research & Development.


Our specialty lies in discovering new-chemical entities, synthesizing alternative routes, manufacturing cost-effective molecules and experienced in the modified release dosage forms.  It is an integrated and exclusive facility dedicated to support our API research endeavors. Our scientists are committed to breaking new ground across diverse specialisations, including APIs, formulations, custom synthesis, contract research, analytical, packaging, IP, technology transfer and quality assurance.

Our systematic approach to the selection of molecules, which involves evaluation of technical, commercial feasibility and customer feedback helps us generate a good return on our research spending.

Formulation R&D

Our new formulation R&D center brings together Formulation and Analytical Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs, Packaging Development, Intellectual Property Management and Developmental QA functions.

We create tangible value for customers by leveraging our cost-effective processes and large capacities in the business. Our Solid oral dosage form business builds on our strengths in research and development.


Lee Pharma is in the process of developing new drug delivery systems, new dosage formulations and applying new technology for better processes, to be a global generic player with increasing focus on Research & Development is our VISION.

Strengths of API and Formulation R&D

  • Well-qualified and experienced Scientists and Leaders

  • Highly efficient in process development & commercialization

  • Capable of innovate alternative route of syntheses for intermediates, API and impurities.

  • Expertise to prepare and isolate the impurities.

  • Well-versed in characterization of organic compounds

  • Fully acquainted in handling various types of reactions

  • Robust in intellectual property evaluation

  • Proficiency in evaluating genotoxic impurities, nitrosamine impurities and their control as per regulatory requirement

  • Compliance with cGLP/cGMP labs

  • Expertise in development and manufacturing of different solid oral dosage forms

* Modified release dosage forms (Delayed Release, Dual delayed release, Sustained Release & Controlled Release)

*  MUPs for Compression of Tablets, Filling of Capsules and Sachets

*  DC Granules for Tablets/Capsules

*  Taste Mask Granules for Oral Suspension

*  Development of Various types of Oral solid dosage forms by QbD principles.

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Technologies & Services
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