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Chemistry Class

Lee Pharma strongly believes that each employee is the backbone of the organization and his or her contribution is respected, recognized, and rewarded.

Here is your opportunity to be a part of one of today's fastest-growing, most exciting companies.  We have created a high-energy, entrepreneurial corporate environment, where employees share a strong commitment to helping our customers succeed.


We provide our employees with a competitive salary structure and benefits plan. We are shaping the workforce of tomorrow. We are always looking for talented and passionate personnel from diverse backgrounds in various departments. Individuals who are dedicated, innovative and motivated by learning, Lee creates an environment for personal and professional growth of employees. 


Enjoy professional freedom to create impact

We will provide the space and freedom for you to experiment, innovate and put your talents to work. You will have the opportunity to unleash your potential and create impact in any area you work.


Teamwork -We all can work, but together we win

We work together to achieve common objectives and goals of the organisation through effective utilisation of individual talents and team efforts.


Lee provides numerous opportunities for qualified, talented, creative thinking, and have a passion for excellence; LEE PHARMA is the right place for you.


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